Alive Arts is a social enterprise company based in Scotland supporting personal, professional and community well being through the arts, healing practices and indigenous wisdom teachings.

The vision of Alive Arts is to develop:

  • Creative collaboration
  • Sharing of good practice
  • A methodology of well-being
  • A culture of reciprocity, enquiry and inspiration

We support a bridging of methodologies and practices from a wide range of sources.

These include:

  • Indigenous wisdom teachings
  • Movement and arts practices
      • Tamalpa Life Art Process
      • Planetary Dance
      • Medicine Dance
  • Labyrinth Art
  • Healing and hands-on practices inspired by
    • Movement Shiatsu
    • Craniosacral therapy
    • Aromatherapy
    • Embryology and Experiential Anatomy
    • T’ai Chi Chuan and Chi Gung

We offer non formal education, experiential workshops, events, courses  and performances as well as one-to-one coaching.
Our work also supports community and personal ceremonies and rituals.

Founded in 2014 by Audicia Lynne Morley and Derek Houghton with the support of the Scottish Social Enterprise Fund.

The company is based at State Theta Galleries: a dedicated centre for the development of movement, health and the arts.