Heart Project

HEART – Holistic Experiential Education and Artistic Approaches for Resilience and Work Engagement Tools for Adult Educators

What is HEART?

HEART is an Erasmus+ KA2 project to increase the quality of adult education and training by developing adult educators competences, awareness and knowledge linked to work engagement using a new training method – the synergy of outdoor experiential education and art methodologies- and by creating a more committed, engaging and professional environment inside their organisations.

Why is important?

The burnout within helping professions – including educators – has been known since decades, and by now a solid research and practical intervention basis exists linked to it. However, burnout continues to be a severe issue until today.
According to our experience drawn from previous projects and activities, educators, their organisations and managers lack knowledge and awareness of the burnout syndrome and its potential prevention techniques.
Timely interventions are essential to prevent burnout, otherwise its later stages would involve physical, emotional and mental exhaustion from which it is difficult to recover.
To tackle above issues, a transnational partnership composed of 6 partners from 5 countries developed the HEART project.

How it is designed?

HEART innovative methodology:

  • based on transnational, holistic and positive approach
  • create synergy of outdoor experiential education and artistic methods

HEART elements:

  • 3 field training courses of different methodologies
  • 5 field test of combined methodologies
  • 1 discussion workshop
  • 2 dissemination events

HEART results for educators and their organizations:

  • Collection of Easy to Learn and Use Work Engagement Tools and Processes (including a Self-directed learning portfolio);
  • Combined Modular Work Engagement Curricula – Training Scheme to offer an innovative educational material at individual (personal and professional) level;
  • Organizational Work Engagement Recommendations that offer managers alternatives at organizational;
  • Assessment Report will summarize the impact of the methodology.

HEART period 2018-2022

HEART Partners: