Resources for Resilience and Burn Out Prevention

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Resources for Resilience and Burn Out Prevention  

Free One Day Workshop


Sunday 28th March 2021

10 am – 5.30 pm on Zoom

Holistic Experiential Education and Artistic Approaches for Resilience and Work Engagement Tools for Adult Educators
HEART 2018-1-HU01-KA204-047841 Erasmus+ project 

Alive Arts is offering a Free One Day Workshop at the end of March as part of the “Heart Project” supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The intention of the day is to share some of the tools/activities and perspectives offered through the Heart Project on the subject of Resilience Building, Burn Out Prevention and Work Engagement. The tools/activities have been generated over the period of the project by Six Arts and Outdoor Education providers across Europe. 

The day is offered free to all participants on the understanding that this is part of a “Field Test” to explore the results of the project. To attend, participants will need to fill in a participation and waiver form prior to the workshops and complete a brief survey at the end of the day.

In appreciation of the fact that many of us are on Zoom a lot, the main intention of the day is that it is both informative and resourcing for those who attend. In addition, you will be given access to the 82 activities that have been created by the team for your own exploration moving forward from the workshop.

The day will be composed of  3 x 1½ hour and  1 x 1¼ hour interactive sessions that include a mix of lecture, film, creative exercises, discussion and feedback with morning and afternoon breaks and an hour for lunch.

To apply for the workshop please download and complete the application form by Friday 26th March. 

You can download the form as a Word, Pages or PDF document

Upon receipt of your application and acceptance on to the workshop you will be sent the Zoom login details and Program plan.  

About Us:


HEART is an Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership aimed at increasing the quality of adult education and training opportunities..

The main innovation of HEART

1 – To support the development of adult educators competences, awareness and knowledge linked to Resilience Building, Burn out Prevention and Work Engagement.

2 – To explore the combination of outdoor experiential learning with artistic and body based approaches to offer resources for the HEART theme of Resilience and Burn out prevention.

3 – To develop creative and explorative tools designed by the 6 provides.

4 – To explore a new combined methodology for adult educators, teachers, carers, facilitators that widens their knowledge and supports both personal and professional development in the themes of the project. 

5 – To develop a new training method – the synergy of outdoor experiential education and art methodologies. 

6 – To measure the impact of the project through impact assessment.

About Alive Arts:

Alive Arts is a creative Scottish Social Enterprise company based at State Theta Galleries, Scotland.  The Company offers experiential workshops, events, courses and one-to-one coaching in non formal approaches to education, learning,  resource building and the somatic arts. 

Alive Arts was invited to participate in the HEART Project as a UK Arts Provider, to share The Arc Process. The Arc Process is intended to inspire creativity as an experimental approach to working creatively with somatic body-based and land-based approaches to health, well being and creativity.   

Some of these approaches are explored through the 25 tools that support and address the theme of Resilience and Burn Out prevention in the Heart Project. Alive Arts was founded in 2014 by Audicia Lynne Morley RSMT RSME, and Derek Houghton with the support of the Scottish Social Enterprise Fund.


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Contact  Audicia for further information if required.